What if I told you, Jesus was real?



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Leaving Newgrounds...

Posted by unibrowboy - April 16th, 2024

I think I may be leaving NewGrounds soon. I was having a conversation with the Holy Spirit when I was talking about the Development of my game I've been working towards for the past 5 years now, as some of you know as "Angel's Redemption." This Game I find to be very close to binding itself to the word of God and who Jesus is as a person. My experiences with the spiritual realm have always been extreme. I never told any of you up here. But I am a devout spiritual entrepreneur and A Extreme Christian at that. I love my God, on an intimate level. And I can't sit up here on this website and say I'm not disturbed by the "Adult content" on this website. My spirit just doesn't agree with it, and it doesn't sit right with me. So I'm so sad to say goodbye as I do my closing out and going into a new Era of Unibrowboy somewhere else. Newgrounds has been fun. And I love the games, art, music, and animations it has up here. And it's brought me a lot of good nostalgic memories. But now is the time for me and anyone else who truly believes up here on this website to make a decision. You will either be wheat or chaff. There is no in between. I'll be posting a few more things before I leave here. But eventually, once I'm done. I'm done. And I'll be gone for good as far as posting content up here goes.

So long friends and buddies, I'll leave links to my new places to find me and ones I still currently use. It's time to stand up for what we believe in. And I'll stand up for Christ and his teachings on a hill all by myself if I have to. I love Jesus. I believe in Jesus. What do you believe in?

~Love Phlexia Evans The II ;3




Found this newspost randomly and wanted to chime in! I'm a Christian too and I agree that the A-rated content here is not something that I enjoy, support, or wish to partake in.

However, one thing that one must consider is that there will be adult content no matter where you go on the internet. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter/X, etc. - there will always be people who are posting these types of things in all spaces. This is why I seriously appreciate NG's feature to disable certain ratings of content.

If the Holy Spirit has truly convicted you to abandon ship, I wish you the best. I personally do not feel convicted to leave the platform, but if you do, more power to you.

Just for clarification: When you say "I was having a conversation with the Holy Spirit", did you talk to an actual person with the user name "(the) Holy Spirit" or are you hearing a voice in your head that you do not identify as your own and which has a different opinion from your own?

I mean an entity that multiple people can speak to if they confess with their mouth and in their hearts that they want the Holy Spirit within them. It's not a voice in my head. But it is internal. :)

fare with grace mate

@unibrowboy Is that conversation a dialogue or a monologue? And if it's a dialogue, how does the Holy Spirit's part of the conversation appear to you? Do you see images?

It's dialouge, and we have a conversation in the exact same way I would with another person infront of me, only that I don't see them, I just hear them. Although I have met Jesus in person before.

My apologies in case I am trying your patience with this and thank you for indulging me.

The easier bit first: Did Jesus look like he was feeling well?

When it comes to your conversation with the Holy Spirit I am still a bit confused right now. For lack of a better wording: As I understand you right now, you hear the Holy Spirit's voice with your ears, like you would hear the voice of another human. But at the same time you said it is internal but not in your head.
So my current understanding is that it would 'not' be like "Telepathy" is depicted in movies (a voice only one other person can hear over a potentially great distance to the speaker). If it is neither sound nor thought, to what would you compare the Holy Spirit's method of conversation?

It's not telepathy but I guess your on the right track. I speak to Jesus through my Spirit man. Which is the layer of us that we have connected to our souls that allows us to use our anointings. an anointing is a gift one has whenever they want to speak to God in their hearts. It comes in many different ways and provides many different gifts besides just hearing him. Everyone has the ability to hear God. It's just that people don't understand what Jesus was talking about fully in the book of Matthew. He was talking about bringing heaven to earth NOW. Not just dying and rising again. He wants us to see him NOW. And I've learned how to talk to God and feel his presence. I've seen Jesus face to face, and have put my fingers in his hands and I was just a 12 year old boy at the time. Because of what he did on the cross all of us can see him in the spiritual realm and hear him to, you just have to believe it and TRULY understand who God is. people are so caught in their phones nowadays we can't see whats been put right infront of us. The path to being on with our creator, the ability to go back to an Adam and Eve like state before the fall.

Also by the way, he looks great, he's kinda hot even. His skin is like oil. and he has this crazy ass hilarious sense of humor. I can teach you how to hear him if your interested. You just gotta let me pray for you that's all.

@Yatsufusa I meant to say "one with our creator" lol.

I acknowledge that it might be about as hard to describe something to others when they have no sensory ability to perceive the same thing. Under other circumstances I would ask you that request/petition the Holy Spirit to 'give you words that that person on the internet would understand', but I suspect it doesn't work as conveniently as that.

From what you told me so far, I would summarize what you describe as a voice in your head, combined with what is colloquially known as a 'runner's high'.

I cannot 'look inside your soul' or something along those lines, so I have to stick to words. Could you offer synonyms for the "speak to God in their hearts" part?
It might be a euphemism that I 'don't get' due to the language barrier. You probably use different words when you describe that to people you meet in everyday life.

As for the offer for prayers: I think you should use that energy on more important things. ;) I don't want to manipulate you into doing something blasphemous. As I understand it, most Christians pray for things outside of their own control.

I think God wants me to show you.

If by that you mean you have some sort of method recording or documenting those sessions I'd be grateful if you were to share them with me. That being very personal information I would keep it in an encrypted storage format. I could not visit you in person, though.

But I would prefer it if you make the decision to share (or 'not' share) this based on what _you_ want. From my personal understanding, it is "troublesome" in pretty much every current-day religion for somebody to proclaim they know the will of their god(s)... I have no interest of getting you into trouble with your peers or your family (which I assume to also be religious, which could potentially create lingering issues for them).

I do not mind if this decision will take you a while and I am very aware that you are not only about to leave Newgrounds but are also busy with your game and exploring the GameMaker community. Waiting for a few weeks while you take care of more pressing issues would be no issue for me.

Unibrow boy#9899

Here's my discord name

I would to show you how to hear the Holy Spirit if your willing to learn.

Sorry, I don't use Discord. I'm not okay with their ToS. In a nutshell everything that's ever said in there is that company's legal property - voice pattern and all.
I don't use facebook or Google services/products for similar reasons.

What do you use? If you want a phone number, I can lend you one once I get mine fixed.

Is text not okay?
(Also: You are old enough to make your own decisions in that regard, but 'personally' I would never hand out a phone number to strangers.)

Im bout grown tho :p