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I make art, I do animations, I make music, and I want to get into code. I love Newgrounds because it brings us together as creators, new or pro, this junk is awesome.





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Posted by unibrowboy - September 15th, 2021

I've noticed that a lot of Adult Newgrounds users have been leaving NewGrounds, I think the biggest reason may be NSFW. A lot of kid users have been coming to NG (including myself) ever since Friday Night Funkin' came out, most of them only come to play the game or make a profile for playing that game alone, but others realize this is a home for talent, a place where creativity is welcomed. I myself like many others, look up to the adult users because of what they're capable of especially in collaboration. I appreciate not only the stuff they make but who made it. I personally look up to Phantom Arcade, Sr.Pelo, and Kawaii Sprite because of how funny and creative they are when they are doing what they love. Now, this is where the problem comes in. The adult users of NG make stuff that isn't always targeted towards kids and when they see kids commenting on this stuff, it kinda makes them a little more uncomfortable and concerned about what they post and where they post it. Now I'm not trying to blame the adult users or Friday Night Funkin' for these issues, I believe that why I'm trying to get to is that we as community need to come together and figure this problem out. I really don't want to get kicked out of NewGrounds nor do I want to be put in a "Kids version" But I really don't want the Adult Users to leave. I don't know what to say as far as when it comes to NSFW (I'm not tryna leave yall out, I swear) on NG but I do know that NewGrounds was made by teenagers who are now adults and should continue to be for teenagers and the adults who feel at home when using NewGrounds. I think the kid users for NG should (If it is on for some odd reason) turn off their adult settings and stay away from adult content. And if (for some odd reason) you find yourself on adult content, don't be a dumbass and start commenting on what you hear, see, or play. I already see the adults that make that kind of content putting up 18+ signs for their stuff anyway. I made the mistake on commenting on music that I thought was made by regular user this morning and admittedly deleted my comment when I saw their profile.

Let's just please come together as a community and figure this problem out before it becomes overwhelming.

You guys need us to keep NG going and we need you for Inspiration Friday Night Funkin' proves this.

If you need more proof go into the under judgment section and look at all the stuff we make, We get it from you guys.